Soon later on, she realized one their father had created a phony matchmaking anywhere between the lady and you will Raku Ichijo

First 12 months Arc [ ]

Chitoge stayed in The united states, however, she up coming moved back again to Japan to own Adelt Wogner Kirisaki’s (Chitoge’s dad) company. She despised Raku inside the beginning of their “fake like,” however, she in the future heated so you’re able to him. Following the college travels, where Raku receive the woman alone at nighttime forest, dressed up while the good ghost, she requested your to call the girl by the their first name, “Chitoge” and this she would telephone call your “Raku,” due to the fact they are “dating” getting a long time, someone would begin denying their relationship if they addressed both formally. Inside the incidents of your own coastline to your summer vacation, she actually starts to realize that this lady correct feelings getting Raku. However, whenever she asks him even though the guy thinks which they would work along with her as the a genuine couple, Raku reactions intensely saying “of course they won’t.” However, however told you which opinion in pretext of its common banter. Chitoge, using remark because the a sign of rejection and hatred, actually starts to sulk and get away from your entirely.

Immediately after summer trips, their category retains a good “Romeo and Juliet” enjoy, and additionally they first picked Raku and you will Chitoge to behave just like the chief characters, but she rejects the brand new part, very its classification then chosen Kosaki Onodera. Just after an instance in which Kosaki injures by herself some time till the enjoy, Raku begs getting Chitoge’s assist (once the he does not want the latest gamble is terminated due to Kosaki) even after the woman cooler thoughts, to which she agrees, and fundamentally resigned and you may cleared up this new misunderstanding among them. It was in the gamble, you to within the guise of your outlines, she acknowledge their love for him.

Next Season Arch [ ]

She turns out falling getting Raku Ichijo, and you may spends this lady go out seeking to fit comments out-of his throat. She as well as tries to enjoys enough time alone which have Raku Ichijo.

Third Season Arch [ ]

So you can lift up Raku Ichijo’s spirits of Marika Tachibana’s departure, Chitoge tries to head to places that the guy possess, consume his favourite as well as play their preferred arcade games. Adopting the big date, Raku realizes their love for Chitoge and you may she starts to understand Kosaki Onodera’s thinking having Raku shortly after overhearing the lady monologue.

The very next day, she overhears Shu Maiko conversing with Raku and you will approaching Kosaki because the Raku’s like, and kept just before hearing Shuu discusses Raku’s interest in this lady. Ripped apart completely, she erica with the intention that this lady “bogus relationships” dont keep Raku as well as she will be able to help Raku and you will Kosaki be together with her.

Chitoge becomes Hana Kirisaki’s (Chitoge’s mom) secretary in her firm from inside the New york, appearing a whole lot more successful than simply some one in her providers, even better than simply Raku when he try Hana’s secretary. The woman is set up an embarrassing reputation when Raku and you may Kosaki reach The united states to look for this lady. She seems to avoid Raku, but fulfilled Kosaki just who confronts the girl with her feeling. She lies so you’re able to Kosaki and you can told you she never enjoyed him. Consequently Kosaki informed her not to ever work on.

Feeling one to this lady last promise is for her getting brand new Guaranteed Woman, she develop looking knowing what really happens 10 years before. Hana chooses to assist her and you will tells where her in which she will find Raku’s mom, the writer of picture guide “Zawse crazy”. Raku’s mommy shares the lady anecdotes into book lastly books the lady on the Tenku plateau.

At Tenku plateau, this woman is reminded of all of the events off a decade and you may exactly how she had voluntarily given up the true the answer to Kosaki. Now that it is clear to this lady that she is just a phony, she chose to gently departed, simply to feel confronted by Tachibana. Impact that she owes Raku a great confession, she chose to return. Raku catches up to the girl and you may she confesses this lady like with their back once again to him. But when Raku verifies one to their option is this lady, she transforms in order to and embraces your.