I am a good 47 yr old women which feels therefore ill

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Aurora C

My hypothyroidism symptoms are back again despite increasing my Armour Thyroid (AT 120 mg in the morning plus liothyronine 5mcg and AT 60 mg early afternoon). Gauging how I feel now given the AT formula change makes sense or I am taking too much now or both. I took AT from 2012-2014and felt great. Since then my symptoms have worsened (feel exhausted all the time, weight gain, insomnia, depression, loss of drive and motivation, dry skin, puffy face, intermittent tooth sensitivity, cold hands and feet, night sweats, muscle and joint aches, night sweats). I have so many symptoms that I am overwhelmed as to what is causing what https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/plano/ (hypothyroid, stress, depression, sex hormone imbalance despite taking bioidentical progesterone 50 mg, low vitamin D, GERD, rosacea, low sodium and chloride). When I spoke to the endo about all the symptoms in , he agreed to increase AT. Increased again in . However, I don’t want to go back to him because he can’t seem to explain my array of worsening symptoms and has no sound advice. To add to the complexity, my husband died last year and grief over the holidays was awful. I just moved too. My diet and exercise have not been as strict because I crave bad carbs, comfort food. I don’t know where to start to get well. Should I check in to the Mayo Clinic until someone figures out my thyroid and other symptom madness? I don’t know who to trust. My most recent labs are listed below. Thank you! Aurora Labs: Free T3 3.2 pg/mL Reverse T3 13ng/dL T3 total 1.22 ng/mL Free T4 1.1 ng/dL Thyroid peroxidase <1 IU/mL Thyroglobulin antibody <1 IU/mL TSH 0.02 uIU/mL (low) Vitamin D, 1,25 dihydroxy 35 (previously stopped supplementation because was in high normal range) Vitamin B12 1334 pg/mL (high now when previously low, in) Magnesium 1.8 mg/dL (low normal) Ferritin 32 ng/mL Folate serum 12.1 ng/mL Estradiol 278 pg/mL (high) Progesterone 3.7 ng/mL (low normal) Total testosterone 39 ng/dL

Janie Bowthorpe

Only an imagine and you can centered on patient reports, nevertheless the very first thing people whom worsen for the Armour speak about gets toward a new brand. Too many people towards the Armour claimed an awful come back of the hypothyroid periods once the Activas bought out Tree, only to pick on their own improve considerably when it is towards the a new brand. He’s these: 2nd, with that kind of be concerned on the losses you’ve got knowledgeable, I know whether or not it are me personally, I would personally manage a keen adrenal spit sample to see just how my personal adrenal glands try faring. Third, we read many times that people are unable to just go-by Ferritin. Sure, reasonable ferritin “might be” low metal all-around, but inaddition it would be of having large hefty gold and silver coins, and usually about MTHFR mutation, we have observed. Therefore we plus do serum iron, % saturation and you may TIBC. If serum metal is lowest into reduced ferritin upcoming we knew it had been simply reduced metal that really needs correction. In case solution iron is right otherwise highest for the reasonable ferritin, it’s an enthusiastic MTHFR disease that requires development and you can cures. We have been pleased for what we have seen plus just what all of the MTHFR details about the web based has given us!

Aurora C

Janie, thank you for your own prompt react. I’d already looked at your own Armor selection web page and now must find a doc to help myself score things right. Of course, a current blood cortisol came back inside regular constraints. I haven’t complete a spit adrenal try otherwise MTHFR sample given that 2012, making it back at my to do listing. Thank you for the fresh metal investigations info also. Your website is very informative as the could be the individuals whose comments help me to thought this new choices. In addition enjoyed their 10 Rockin’ Thyroid Patient New-year Resolutions for you personally.